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Finishing our cleanup.

We didn’t waste any time getting back to operation cleanup!! The next morning we headed out and first up was loading the newly re-built wood bin with the pile of maple firewood we picked up for free in Guysborough. We had to cut and split them. I just set aside any that were too large and they would be split smaller later.

Back breaking work.

I swear these aren’t my only clothes, but they are my only work clothes.

While I worked on stacking the wood, Jim was out behind the garage cutting the rest of the firewood into chunks.

He’s awesome.

Then we loaded them into the dump cart attached to the quad and drove them over to the wood bin.


Ride anyone?

Any that didn’t need to be split went straight into the wood bin.


The rest we split and stacked.

Another job thats hard on the back.

And with that our firewood racks are all full for another season. We have about  8 cords cut and split and expect to use about 5 cords over the winter. That leaves us with a head start for next winter.

Now our work area is looking awesome. Lots of room to move around with the skidsteer and it just feels good, at least until the next pile of logs appears.







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