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Cleaning the yard

Before we move on to the other side of the shipping container we decided to do a much needed cleanup of our work area. In the background of this pic you can see the 2 large piles of logs that need to be dealt with.

woodchipping,sawmill,shipping container
Pic from Monday.

We sorted them into three categories: firewood, pieces large enough to mill, and junk.

Jim moved the pile to be cut and split into firewood to the back of the garage, brought the pieces large enough to mill to the mill, and the rest was to be chipped.

Moving logs.
Hard at work…
Still working…
Love chipping logs

The chipper can handle any length of course but it also takes up to an 8 inch diameter log.

large log

Actually for the first time in a long time after that large log the chipper plugged up. No big deal, just shut the machine off and open the shoot, scoop out the chips and carry on.

Here is what we ended up with…

Thats a lot of chips right there!!!

Before we can cut the firewood pile up, we needed to fix one of our wood bins. We built these about 8 or 9 years ago and if the one on the far left is empty and we get high winds with a winter storm, it blows over. This winter it broke apart when it blew over.


Jim took some wood he had milled earlier in the day and started re-building it.

Its a start!
Re-building the wood bin.

Once we lifted the roof on to the new frame, Jim nailed the two together.


Each bin holds about a cord of wood. Tomorrow we will load up this pile into the bin.

Sugar maple for firewood.

Funny how one job always leads to another. Before we could completely finish cleaning up the work yard we had to get this job finished. Now we can cut the firewood in the new pile behind the garage. The only logs left to be dealt with are junk but too big for the chipper, so Jim will mill them in 1/2 and then in 1/2 again. Then it will be back to work on the chipper.



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