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Weekend update

Finally a perfect storm of good cooler weather and Jim feeling better got us back out to work on the shipping container board and batten.

saw mill,outdoors,shipping container
milling logs

When we last worked on this project we had it about 3/4 finished on the first side.

shipping container,saw mill
Hey I remember that.

It seems like a really long time since we worked on getting the board and batten up, and it has been. But now we are ready to get going again.

When we first started back, Jim noticed that the mill would start no problem but not stay running. A quick check of the engine and Jim was gone to the workshop to blow the sawdust out of the air filter using his air compressor. After that it was smooth sailing.

sawmill,outdoors,shipping container
Hmmm…its plugged.

We had left lots of the thinner boards ready for installation but we couldn’t start until we cut some wider boards first.

sawmill,shipping container
cutting wider boards
sawmill,shipping container
making sure its level

It went pretty smoothly and we managed to get the first side complete in the morning.


sawmill,shipping container
Yeah!! Its a thing of beauty.

The down side, at least for me, is there is a lot of waste slabs. Here is the pile from just milling to get the boards for this side.

sawmill,shipping container

So, after lunch we got to work chipping…

woodchipping,sawmill,shipping container
Chipping the slabs

From farther away you can see how big the pile of sawdust is…and the pile of slabs yet to chip.


woodchipping,sawmill,shipping container
My work is never ending.

And all finished.

shipping container,saw mill,wood chipping
Clean again for now.

One side down…one to go plus the end which isn’t much really.


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