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Weekend Happenings

Good morning on this hot, humid Monday in Nova Scotia. We finally got a little rain but it brought humid conditions with it. We spent Saturday catching up on the little things that haven’t been getting done. Jim worked at a neighbours fixing her windows after ordering the parts a few weeks ago. And this happened…again…

cake,baking,yogurt cake
Yogurt cake.

The cake calls for 1 cup of yogurt but the container we buy has 2 cups in it so we HAD to make another one since neither of us likes plain yogurt by itself.

baking,cake,yogurt cake

The rain let up on Sunday morning but the sun broke out and HOLY HUMID. Too hot to work outside so we took to the workshop to build a few more picnic table/benches. Besides word of mouth or our For Sale page we also sell them locally at a store in our area. We drop it off and place a sign on it ‘For Sale’. The store makes the sale then calls us for another one. Well, she called 2 weeks ago but with Jim not feeling well and having already brought her the last one we had available, we decided to get busy building more.

Its easier to build multiples at a time than one here and there, so we started cutting and sanding all the parts. Many parts. Too many parts.

picnic table/bench,woodworking
picnic table/bench parts
picnic table/bench,woodworking
more parts all sanded and ready for building

Jim cuts…

Cutting the lumber

I sand…

sanding,picnic table/benches,woodworking
Hard at work.

Jim builds…

JIm,picnic tables,workshops
Hey, there’s a loose screw.

We got it down to a science now.

Another thing happening is we have a huge wasps nest on our house which we didn’t notice the wasps building. ┬áIt is sort of hidden by birch trees. But now that we know it is there we have been watching it to making sure it doesn’t get any bigger.

Keeping his eye on the wasp nest.

Here is what is left of it after Jim decided to knock it down. Keep in mind it’s about 14 feet from the sloping ground and was the size of a large melon.

Looking from the ground.
Here’s whats left

The wasps are still trying to repair it. I think we will wait until fall to get the rest off but you never know, Jim could get a longer stick and finish the job now. When he did hit it swarms of them came out. Probably 50 or more.

In case you didn’t believe me about the heat…

Holy hot!!!

That doesn’t factor in the humidity. We didn’t finish getting the picnic tables put together but it’s on our list.


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