More Nova Scotia maps in the Workshop

We’ve been working on a few Nova Scotia maps this week. One is on order and since we were doing one we decided now would be a good time to do the second one for a Christmas present. That will make one name crossed off the old Christmas list.

pallets,NS maps,scrollsaw
Painting pallet boards.

Can you believe its only 4 months away. Lord, summer is going by too fast.

Usually I receive the boards from Jim before he glues them up, but for whatever reason this time they were glued ahead of time. Makes it a little trickier to paint without crossing onto the next board.

NS maps,painting
This is the fun part. Actually it is the only part I do.

Here is one painted waiting for Jim to cut into a map.

Ready for cutting.

Then it is out to the workshop where Jim places the map outline on. The pattern has a sticky backing but it’s tricky because as soon as he completes the cutout the pattern has to be removed right away or it is very hard to get off.

There he is. Smile!!
ns maps,scrollsaw,Jim
It is so cool to watch.

Jim said he was almost at the end when the scrollsaw blade broke. Naturally. Always a good idea to have lots of blades on hand.

And here is the first one complete, waiting for a sawtooth hanger, which are on order.

ns maps,pallets,scrollsaw
Beautiful NS.

And the second one…

ns maps,scrollsaw,pallets
The second one took 5 blades!!

Well If you are the one who receives one of these maps for Christmas, first, lucky you, second, act surprised.


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