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Our yard this summer

While Jim is on the mend, I thought I would show you around our yard this summer.

colourful flowers in the garden

When we first built this house, we had plans for planting perennial bushes and flowers but before we even started a neighbour dropped by with hostas she had divided from her yard. When we first planted them they looked like this…

Landscaping with chipped wood mulch.

Today they look like this…

Hostas 7 years later.

We have already divided them several times and spread them out over the yard. The bees and hummingbirds love them.

Next up are the two apple trees we planted two years ago.

gardening,apple trees,Red gravenstein,Red Gala apples.
Hey there. Our younger selves!!

And after the deer had a nibble we had to protect them so we put a chicken wire fence around them.

wrapping apple trees,wooden stakes,chicken wire,landscaping,gardening
Jim adding the wire fencing.

Well that worked for about one winter and we got serious about our trees adding rebar fencing. Today they look like this.

apple trees,gardining,landscaping,nova scotia
Not bad.

They grew quite a bit. And for a closer look…

apple trees,gardening,landscaping

Our one and only apple!!! Its a start. Hopefully next year we will have two trees full. One can hope.

Next up are our burning bushes.

dwarf burning bushes,landscaping,gardening
Awww.. so cute. Dwarf burning bushes.

We bought and planted five of them around our flagpole. The deer and rabbits also enjoyed these and kept nibbling on the two closest to the woods but despite that they grew a lot in two years. They are sooo beautiful in the fall.

burning bushes,landscaping,gardening,nova scotia
burning bushes

Last year we planted five fruit trees: 2 pear, a cherry, a plum and a peach tree. We also had to take drastic measures with those when one morning we got up and the cherry tree was stripped clean of leaves. Also the peach tree was apparently tasty. Now they look like this…

landscaping,fruit trees,gardening
fruit trees in a cage

No fruit of any kind yet but its still only been a year. Wasn’t expecting any for a few years at least. In fact this summer a rabbit went through the fencing and attacked the cherry tree. Now that one is wrapped in extra chicken wire as well as the fence. I think we weren’t meant to have cherries.

Thats about it for now.





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