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Down time

Hey, we are still alive, or better yet Jim is.

Berry picking time.

Anyone who has ever picked berries knows it is best to do it early in the morning or in the evening. We chose morning and spent an hour or so getting our 2 containers full. We brought one container to my Mom since she loves to bake with them through out the winter like we do.

Its not cold I swear.

We got all dressed up in our finest rubber boots for the occasion. Nervous about ticks and the like. I did have to take the sweater off though. It is August after all. ¬†Also kept an eye out for bears. None to be found that morning and they say they won’t bother with you but I like to have a heads up if there is a bear anywhere nearby. Maybe thats just me though…

Blueberries waiting to become dessert.

We will probably eat a few, and bake something and then freeze the rest in 1 cup portions to have them ready for baking with through the winter.

Jim is still under the weather, but I can tell he is starting to feel a little better. He is back to talking about milling logs and his growing to-do list.


…I’m back to show you the muffins I made this afternoon…

Blueberry goodness.

New recipe, turned out really good.

Bye for good this time.

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