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Shipping Container: Progress Continues

I was wishing for a cloudy day and today started that way so we were out ready to work by 8am.

Good sized logs.

I should back up a little because the wood doesn’t magically appear on the crib. This has to happen first…

Thankful for the skidsteer.

While getting logs today this happened…

We dove into our pile of logs to start bringing the next batch to the crib. Then we were ready to get started milling.

Another beauty waiting to be board and batten.

We start by slabbing off the sides and end up with this…


From there we get this…

Lots of hard work sitting there.

Now I must say when I see that large square log I see possible table legs, but Jim sees board and batten so…patience grasshopper.

Hey you.
I swear I do work as well. Honest.

Progress and more progress.

Getting there.

One more morning should have us finishing this side. I’ll be sure to show you the progress.

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