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Shipping Container: The Strapping

We had this 40 foot shipping container delivered two years ago and are finally getting around to covering up the ugly.

Ugly shipping container

It took us almost a full day to get the strapping on one side of the container. Jim started by cutting holes in the metal with a plasma cutter.

Using the plasma cutter

This is only the second time using the plasma cutter, but after the first couple of holes he got the hang of it and all went smoothly. For the first set of vertical holes, he had to cut through several layers of steel, so that slowed us down a little.

Sparks flying…

We worked on one section at a time, cutting the holes for the screws then screwing on the strapping.

One section done

I would line up the strapping with the newly cut holes and Jim would screw them onto the container from the inside.

Hard at work.

At the end of the first day we had this…

All done one side.

Before we continue to the other three sides with the strapping, we are going to do the board and batten on this side using wood we are going to cut on the saw mill. We will put it up as it is cut so we won’t have to store it anywhere. I’ll be sure to show you our progress.

The story continues here.

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