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More Maritime Projects

We had a little fun this weekend creating new Maritime themed projects.


Wooden lobster

Jim and I came up with a few more projects this weekend in between doing yard work and weeding…you know…the necessities. First up is the lobster, which can either be displayed on a stand or hung on the wall. We even did one with blue Led lights on a timer.

Nothing says Maritimes like a light up lobster!!!

But we weren’t finished there…oh no. We also did a couple of lighthouse projects. Since these are all hand done, no two are exactly alike. Thats why we number projects on our for sale page. Choices..people..choices.

Light house project.


You got it…another lighthouse

And in case you missed it…

Double the fun.

All these projects measure approximately 8 1/2 x 11 inches. These will soon be listed on our for sale page. Wouldn’t they be cool in a really large size too….Hmmm…

Well, back to yard work until inspiration strikes again.


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