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Kings United Church: Sign #2

The last thing on our to-do list for Kings United Church was to make a new sign for beside the new front doors.

The before.

As you can see in the above picture the old sign needed to be replaced, it was looking especially tired beside the new doors and new front steps. This pic is before the new steps were installed and everything painted.

We measured the old sign before removing it and it measured 22 inches wide and 30 inches tall. So we decided to make the new sign roughly the same size.

First Jim cut out a backer board from pressure treated plywood and I painted it with Zinsser primer and 2 coats of exterior grade white.

Jim was over at Russell MacHattie’s ┬áplace and picked up an old growth pine board to use to make the main body of the sign.

Old growth pine board.

He had to clean it up with the pressure washer. After it was dry he cut it to the rough shape and edge glued it together to make it wide enough for what he had in mind.

Edge glued pine boards.

Once the glue was dry, Jim started shaping it into a book using hand tools.

Starting to look like a book!

Next up is the paint room for a coat of stain blocking primer.

One coat of primer.

We actually did 2 coats of primer because after one coat was dry the tannins in the wood were coming through. Just to be safe.

Once the shape was established he got out the carving tools to carve pages into the sides and top and bottom.

Back breaking work:)

And close up…

Carving a book.


Then on to the actual paint. I gave everything a coat of exterior grade white and since we had grey and black exterior paint on hand from the 1st sign we decided to paint the book cover grey and the lettering black.

Starting to see progress.
…more progress

Next up, Jim cut out two wedges so the book would sit away from the backboard a little. These got two coats of white paint.

Wedges for sign.

When they were dry he attached them to the back of the book, and attached the backboard to the wedges.

Back in the workshop…

Time to install!!

Jim hard at work again.
Still working…

And all done…

Awesome new bible sign.
and another pic…

That concludes work on Kings United Church, except for the mowing….always the mowing.


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