Trough DIY Trencher Bowl

We decided to make another trough(aka trencher bowls). There are so many possible shapes for these troughs, this one turned out very different from the first one we made.

Bathtub trough.

The bowl blanks come from the pile in the yard. A mixture of spruce, fir, tamarack, etc.

woodworking, carving wooden bowls
bolts of wood for wooden bowls

The bolt (short log) of wood is then split to whatever thickness of bowl we are wanting to make. After some work in shaping the bowl, its handles and hollowing out, this is the result.

trencher bowls, dough bowls, chainsaw carving, hand carved
Hand carved trencher bowls
dough bowls, trencher bowls,chainsaw carving, carving wooden bowls
Underside of the dough bowl.
trencher bowls, finished or unfinished.,woodworking, carving
rustic trencher bowl centerpiece

These are perfect for a bathtub or a table centerpiece. This one was finished with an Early American stain and a hand rubbed paste wax finish.

Table trough centerpiece.

Contact us for your special request for a rustic trencher bowl, unfinished or finished. Reasonable prices.



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