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Kings United Church: Sign #1

The folks at Kings United Church asked for two new signs for the church. One for beside the front doors (which Jim is working on) and another for the side of the church that faces the road. So we got to work on the largest sign first.

Large sign for side of the church.

Jim cut a piece of pressure treated plywood to size, sanded it and I painted two coats of exterior grade white. Then we brought it indoors to begin the letters.

Painting the sign.
Still painting…

After two coats of the black and when it was good and dry we took it over to the church and hung it on the side. They ¬†wanted the sign to be large enough to be read from the road. I think we nailed it…

New sign in place.

Just a little painting left to do on the front steps and this job will be done.

Looking good!!!

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