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Kings United Church: Front steps

Since we replaced the front doors of the church, everything else around them need to be spruced up too. We were asked to build a new front landing and step. The old one had seen better days so we decided that would be our next project.

The before.

First thing to do was remove the old boards, some were rotten so this went rather quickly.

Removing old deck boards.

As you can see it was originally built right over the old original concrete step. At some point a windbreak wall had been installed right on top of the deck. Before we could get all the old deck boards off we had to reinforce the wall by adding extra screws to the church and to the post.

Adding extra support for the windbreak wall.

On the opposite side of the windbreak wall was the original wrought iron railing.

Wrought Iron railing needs to go.

We decided it would look cleaner if it was removed all together and since it served no purpose at all, it needed to go. After a trip home to get the grinder, Jim started to work on cutting. The smaller spindles weren’t too bad to cut but the two thicker pieces were more of a challenge. They were all solid metal not hollow.

Jim making sparks fly.

Here is the other side where the old railing was removed.

Railing is history.

With the railing gone I got to work scraping the old flaking paint from the windbreak wall as well as the wheelchair ramp.

Lots of scraping to get ready for paint.

Jim worked on the deck boards and I started painting the first coat on the windbreak wall and columns.

Here is a pic of the top portion of the front steps finished.

Top landing complete.

Then Jim tackled the lower step.

Step…coming along nicely.
Finished step!!!

Gotta say the columns weren’t square with the building or the steps so that was a bit of a challenge but it all worked out.

Next up is painting a second coat on the wall and columns and the first coat on the steps and ramp.

Fun times.





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