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Log Planter

On Saturday morning we built a log planter and it was free!!! That is the best kind of planter. It turned out great, follow along and see how we did it.

Log planter.

We had a load of poplar logs dropped off two weeks ago planning to saw them into lumber but decided to try our hand at a log planter or two.

poplar logs ready for the mill.

First up is peeling the bark off the logs.

Logs all peeled and ready.

Then Jim cut 18 inches off each end. These would be used as the base.

Base logs for planter.

Then he cut a slice of each side of the remaining log and cut out a section in the middle where the flowers would go. After that he re-attached the two sides. This is the easiest way to get it done without having to carve it out.

Jim re-attaching the sides.
Screwing the sides back on the log.

Drainage holes were drilled into the bottom of the planter.

Now on to fitting the log onto the base. We wanted to carve out the two logs for the base so the planter log would sit down into the base a bit. This would also help make the whole thing more stable.

Carving out the base logs with a chainsaw.

Then we did a dry fit to see how we were doing with the carving. After a few adjustments we were happy with the fit.

Dry fitting the base to the planter.

Next was to move the three pieces into place. We each carried one piece of the base over to where we wanted it to go, but the long log required the skidsteer and grapple.

Transporting the log to its new home.
Setting the planter log onto the base.

Once we had it all in place we decided it was too high off the ground so we took it apart and used the chainsaw to cut some off the bottom of the two logs that make up the base. We also had a little levelling to do and then we were ready for plants.

Petunias in our new log planter.
Log planter.

These are wave petunias so hopefully they will fill the space out nicely.

Fun project!!


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