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Kings United Church: The Doors

After completing the siding, next up was to replace the front doors of the church. We didn’t get too many pics of the process since it was all hands on deck. The old doors were in rough shape. Russell said they were 50- 60 years old. The bottoms of both doors had seen better days.

Old front doors.

The new doors arrived and after a few measurements we concluded that the height of the new doors was perfect for the opening with a few shims, but we needed to widen the opening by a few inches.

Inside the old doors.

Jim got right to work on that. It wasn’t as bad as expected considering the church was built in 1859.

Jim working on widening the opening for the new doors.

Here are the new doors and door trim from the inside. Also installed new hardware.

New doors from the inside.

Update June 8th.

We got the interior trim all painted.

Painted trim on new church doors.
Interior trim painted.

Next up is replacing the doorstep and painting columns and wind break wall.



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