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Kings United Church: Siding

On Wednesday morning, May 24th, we  started the task of replacing the siding on the south side of Kings United church. It was put on 30 years ago and in the last few years it sustained damage from high winds. The other 3 sides of the church are still holding strong. Also we will be working on the steeple on the south side which is also severely damaged.

Starting at the back putting on the first course of siding we ran into a section under the first window that was totally rotten. Practically nothing left.

Russell checking out the mess under the first window.

We spent the better part of the first day digging out the rotten material and re-building the supports for under the window.

Here is a video when we were tearing out the rot from under the first window.

All cleaned out.

We shall re-build!!

Support for the windows.

Now for the poplar planks Jim sawed on the mill.

Poplar planks under the first window.

The remainder of the first day we were able to get the siding on the whole length of the church,  up as far as the windows. The other three windows were still in good shape, thank goodness. Working from the ground was a piece of cake, looking back now.

The first few rows of siding done.
First few rows done up to the windows.

The hardest part of the job was removing the old siding. Especially when we were getting closer to the top. Over the years extra nails of varying lengths were used to try and secure the siding. The initial plan was to rent a skylift for the upper portions but we decided to see just how far we could get using ladders first.

Russell brought over his hay wagon and we worked off that as far as we could reach. Then we got out the extension ladders. Worked out perfect. The wagon is about 4 1/2 feet tall and somehow it didn’t seem as high up on the ladders when we were working from the wagon. Thats what I kept telling myself anyhow 🙂

It took 1/2 a day to do each section between the windows up to the top of the windows. We had to keep measuring to make sure that when we were ready to put the next full course on that joins all the sections together that it would be smooth sailing. Tricky!

All of the J-trim around the windows had to be replaced since it was very brittle and got completely damaged taking off the siding.

Replacing the J-trim on the windows.

Then it was time to work on the last 5-6 rows at the top of the church.

Siding the top portion of the church.

Jim was on his own for the top of the windows. Apparently close to the top of the windows is my limit. Of the 3 ladders we were using, one was a little sketchy, the other 2 were solid. At this point my job was to keep supplies ready and steady the sketchy ladder. Jim would step from ladder to ladder while working at this height to save trips up and down the ladder.

Here is proof I actually worked on the ladders too.

Wishing I was on a beach.

All that’s left is to show a final picture of the church. Coming soon!


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