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Memorial Crosses

highway memorial crosses, accidents,Hwy 104,Nova Scotia
attaching the cross

Nov 5 2016 – Spent the morning milling some 1.5 x 5.5 larch and spruce to construct memorial crosses for the families who have lost loved ones on a dangerous stretch of the #104 highway between New Glasgow and Antigonish.

Milling lumber on the AMG Champion sawmill

I volunteered to make 8 crosses, which I did this morning. If more are needed and can certainly do them as well. Someone just needs to ask me.

Here’s a video clip of making those crosses. I tried my hand at some carving detail which I have not yet applied to the crosses. Looking for some feedback from folks to see if that’s what they want, or appropriate.

Update May 11 2017

Unfortunately it time to make some more crosses. I salvaged through my deck board piles and found enough 2×6 pressure treated lumber to make the three. I have to plane down the boards to remove the previous stain.

recycling decking material,upcycle
recycling deck boards
pressure treated boards,highway memorial wooden crosses
Planing 2×6 to remove old stain
twinning highways saves lives,Antigonish, Nova Scotia,wooden memorial crosses,roadside
hwy memorial crosses

All that is left to do now is stain the crosses white, let them dry and head out to the hwy and install them using 3ft lengths of 1.5×1.5 inch angle iron. I have two pieces here. I’ll be looking for one of the local local hardware stores or steel fabricating companies to see if someone is willing to donate another piece.

highway memorial wooden crosses, steel angle iron
steel to mount crosses
May 13 2017

Painting of the crosses continues today. A good day to work outdoors. As well , a special thanks to Steelmac Limited for donating the extra piece of angle iron for mounting the crosses.

roadside memorial crosses
painting memorial crosses for Hwy 104

Jun 03 2013

Today we were able to head out and install 3 more memorial crosses and deliver one to a mother who wishes to install their own for their son.

highway memorial crosses, accidents,Hwy 104,Nova Scotia
roadside memorial crosses along Hwy 104
highway memorial crosses, accidents,Hwy 104,Nova Scotia
attaching the cross
highway memorial crosses, accidents,Hwy 104,Nova Scotia
personalize memorial cross along hwy 104 Nova Scotia


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