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So this hoppined this evening

bunny rabbits, wildlife
bunny in bucket

Earlier today I was pulling dandelions. I had dumped a bucket full and was into the second filling when the black flies got too bad and I gave up. I just set the bucket and weed killer next to the doorstep. Look who showed up to the bucket buffet!

The rabbit is taking advantage of the free meal. But there’s a lesson to be learned here.

I pull the dandelions from the ground with a tool, then stay the hole with weed killer.  So the spray is not on the dandelions I put in the bucket. Seeing this now makes me stop and think about the weed killer and how its applied. I’m guessing that ingesting it in animals is as bad as ingesting it for humans.

I will have to be more careful about application, or give up using weed spray altogether.

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