Apple Basket

apple baskets, arts and crafts, veneers
Apple Basket craft

“Can you make me an Apple Basket?” she asked. “Sure” I said. “How big?” I asked. “To fit that new flower pot” she said. Alrighty then. Now HOW to make it!!

I knew I had some veneer in the garage, really thin aspen ( I think) that I cut off  last year. The hard part was figuring out a way to secure the veneer without splitting it.

saw milling,aspen,thin boards
Trembling Aspen veneer

First I measured the flower pot and decided to cut the bottom circle at 8 inches. For the top I cut an 11 inch ring. I ended up having to pre-drill holes in the bottom of the circle so as not to split the veneer and then hammered in 1 inch steel nails and a bit of glue.

After the first layer of veneer strips were attached I added a second layer overlapping to fill in the gaps from the first layer.

For the top I attached the veneer strips to the plywood ring using a pneumatic stapler and glue. I’m not gonna lie, there was a little bit of a struggle here but it turned out in the end.

Looks good and is actually quite sturdy too. All my wife’s plants are in some sort of basket or crock.

apple baskets, arts and crafts, veneers
Apple Basket craft

All in all it didn’t take too long and I have another thing checked off my ‘Honey DO List.’

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