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Planing some blue denim pine

blue denim pine boards, woodworking
blue denim pine

On the workbench this late afternoon we have some blue denim pine. Theses boards came from the pine trees we cut down at Kings United Church in Loch Katrine. We have some special angel projects in mind for these boards.

These boards are about 10 to 12 inches wide, with some heavy blue staining running through the sap. The wood is still a little wet even though it was felled about a year ago but I figure once the craft parts are cut up and indoors, it shouldn’t be too long before the wood dries out.

Today was a good day to be in the workshop.

planer shavings

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  • Michael Zaccardo

    I’m working on an intarsia project.
    I’m making 2 blue herons, but I need a piece of blue pine or blue denim pine but with a somewhat consistent grey blue color for the bodies and wings. 3/4 – 1″ thick would work or thicker. I can plane it. Nots sure what sizes are available nor how to select on u r website.
    4-8″ wide x min 14″ long. Do you have anything?


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