Lamp #2 with glass base.

Lamp 2.0 Glass Base

Back again with lamp 2.0. This time we worked on making a glass lamp which was where the shape came from for the plywood lamp.  We already had the glass bottle on hand, it had a rope handle which I really liked but not for a lamp, so first we removed the handle.

For the top we cut out two circles from 3/4 inch plywood, one would sit on top and was cut to be the same size as the opening of the bottle. The other circle was cut a little smaller to sit inside the opening of the bottle. This one had to be sanded and re-sanded until it fit just inside the opening.

belt sanders, workshop,sanding plywood edges
fine tuning the shape

One option we discussed was to drill a hole towards the bottom of the bottle on the side for the cord to exit (and that would still be my first preference) but we were too chicken the glass would shatter.  So we opted to have the cord come out of the top. Still might do that at some point. Depends on how much the cord bugs me.

Next we glued and nailed the two plywood circles together and cut a groove for the cord to come out the side of the plywood circle.

This is how it sits on top.

One issue we had with both lamps was the harp. We completed the lamp and with the shade on we decided it should be lower to cover the mechanisms. So this was our solution.

We clamped the harps and cut them down to lower the shades. Then we just wired the lamp like you would any other.

The added bonus of doing the lamp this way is we can take the top off and change the filling in the base. Anything is possible. Here it is filled with birch slices.


Then we filled it with pine cones.


At Christmas it can be filled with fairy lights and ornaments.

Until next time…



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