Custom equipment trailer

CAT MTL with v-plow
skid steer with plow

I’ve been giving some more thought to my needs/wants for a trailer.  What we’re looking for is something that can be multipurpose to haul our skidsteer around (equipment hauler) or be used as a dumper.  Or, when using the skidsteer to collect wood, to be able to pile on at least a cord of wood, then load the skidsteer back on and go.

Another way to look at this design would be to take a 16ft dump box, and make it a 12/4 split deck with either all sides removeable, or just the front box panel removable.

Skidsteer measures and weights:
Width of rubber tracks: 66 inches
Machine length without attachments: 110 inches
Machine length with v-plow: 138 inches
V-plow width: 90 inches

Machine without attachments: 8,000 lbs
v-plow attachment : -+ 600 lbs
grapple attachement: +-  500lbs

skid steer attachments,customized parts
Customized width on v-plow

So I’m thinking a 14 to 16ft long split deck; 10 to 12ft dump with a permanent 4ft deck on the front end. The dump box sides would be removable, or at a minimum the front end removeable (when having to carry longer materials). Idea: The front end of the box that’s removable could be designed so that it can mounted on the front end of that 4ft permanent deck area. So that all parts of the trailer stay together.

Ideally the more compact the trailer is the better.

The issue for us is the skidsteer with the wide v-plow attachment. A deck over dump just seems to be overkill in my opinion. The skidsteer itself can easily fit between the fenders of a standard dump trailer but the v-plow in its most narrow position is 90 inches. So my thought was to drive the machine onto the dump box and park the plow (or other attachment) on the 4ft deck (outside the box).

The other functionality of this trailer is when we use the skid steer to collect logs. Spruce wood weighs about 2-3000 lbs depending on how dry it is. I’d like to be able to gather up a cord of wood, load the machine back on and travel. The 4ft section would be used to put on a cord of wood. There would need to be stake pockets in place to mount 4-5ft long stakes to contain the cord of wood. Or I could get a simple steel crib welded that could hold a cord of wood and then simply pick it up with forklifts.

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