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Small 3D Moose plywood project

Today I started on designing another of our 3D moose projects. When we do these types of projects, I typically like to make a small prototype first, to get an overall feel for the design.

For this project I used:

Project plan 05-WC-0973

Jig saw with scroll blade

100 grit sandpaper

1/4 inch thick plywood (a 48 x 32 inches panel will allow you to cut all the parts)

Minwax stain Red Mahogany

Minwax stain Golden Oak

Misc shop supplies like rubber gloves and cloths for stain application.

3D moose,plywoodworking,wildlife
Workshop completion
antlers,moose,plywood working projects,one board projects,woodworking plans,wildlife
View from the top

So the adjustments have been made to the width of the leg panels. It has a better stance, and more stable.

Now on to staining.

plywoodworking projects,moose,3D,take apart,woodworking projects, plans,how to
Minwax stain application

I started out with taking apart one piece at a time but quickly realized that it would be better to just take the project all apart and lay out the pieces on the table.

moose,wildlife,woodworking plans,projects,plywood working, plywood working, finishing
A sense of size.
Moose,wildlife,Nova Scotia,plywood woodworking,plywood working,projects,plans,how to build
Staring the next moose part.

The way I apply stain is I keep a stick in the can so that I can stir after every couple of times I dip into the can. What I do is pull the stick up out of the stain, then use the cloth to wipe off the stick and use that amount to apply onto the plywood surface. This allows me to have a consistent amount of stain on the cloth.

Moose,Nova Scotia,3D plywood,plywood working,plans,DIY
Finishing the Red Mahogany stain parts

Body is all done, finished in a red mahogany stain. Now onto the antlers using a Golden Oak stain.

moose antlers,wildlife,staining,woodworking projects,plywoodworking
Our 3D Moose. Completed plywood project

All done! We’re happy with how it turned out.

This project could easily be made in an afternoon once you have all your supplies on hand.

3D moose, plywood projects,woodworking plans,DIY
Our completed 3D moose!


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