Milling Lumber

End of season saw milling

The snow has fallen now, and I don’t expect to do much saw milling during the winter. Hopefully by next winter I will have a shelter built over the mill to protect it from the weather and allow me some more milling time.

For now, I am finishing up the biggest log I have in the yard. A 21″ blue denim pine tree at the butt, 16″ on the narrow end. I slabbed most of it 1″ thick and two 2″ thick slabs from the middle of the tree. I might make a farmer’s table from it if the slab dry ok over the winter.

That’s another project I want to work on too, to build a solar kiln to hasten the drying process. It all takes time, something I seem to get less and less of with each year passing. Maybe I need to hurry up and slow down. 🙂

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