Race Car bed done

race car bed,woodworking projects
Race car bed side view

I completed this race car bed today. All total, this project took about 15 hrs to make. A lot more than I expected, or budgeted for. But that’s how we learn. Would I build another one? Maybe. The MDF material is really not something I care to work with again.

There would be a few design changes I would make as well. Either bigger wheels or taller sides on the toy box/pull out drawer to lessen the gap in front of the car. I also think the headboard section needs more material, on the sides, in order to properly secure the headboard. I am going to have to come up with some bolts so that the customer can easily disassemble.

Oh, and one final comment, this bed is HEAVY.

race car bed,woodworking projects
Pull out toy box.

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