Energy Efficiency LED lights – update

We upgraded the lighting in our office to LED. Its been a month now, and the utility bill arrived the other day.

According to Nova Scotia Power, for the period mid Sep to mid Nov (2 month billing cycle), our consumption for electricity is down 9%. We also had upgraded the lighting in our kitchen as well at that time. All total we replace 10 halogen pot lights and one 5 halogen light (office track lighting).

The weather seems to be on par year to year until it comes to November, where 2016 seems to be cooler. Yet our power consumption went down.

The household activities remain about the same, a 2 person household, 2500 sq ft two story, finished basement, air source heat pump, 60 gal electric hot water tank.

That electric hot water tank is my next target for retrofitting. I’m currently looking for a tankless unit. Anyone have experience with those in Canada?

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Energy efficiency chart

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