Bosch Sander 3107DVS

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Tool box for sander

I bought this Bosch 3107DVS random orbit sander many years ago. Its probably orbited the moon and back :). Its starting to show its age though. Currently having trouble with the sanding discs sticking to the pad.

Here is a close of the pad. It appears worn. I do occasionally buy the wrong size sanding discs, sometimes buying smaller ones. Hence the wear around the perimeter of the sanding pad.

woodowrking tools,Bosch ROS,Sander 3107DVS
worn sander pad

I am hoping to simply buy a replacement pad. I found one site,, online pretty quick on a search. I just need to check and see now if they are legit, some reviews I am reading online are not favourable. I also see a couple different pads on the Bosch site: RSP019, RS030 (extra soft), RS031 (soft) and RS032 (hard). I’ll probably buy from there.

Update: Nov 28 5pm

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Bosch sander supplies

Sanding supplies arrive 72 hours later, much faster than expected!

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New sanding pad

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