Rustic tree carvings

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Arbortech® rustic tree carvings

As recently seen on Arbortech® Youtube channel, they featured a video on carving a small tree. So I thought I’d have a crack at it. I learned pretty soon that a dry piece of pine may not be the best material for the desired effect.

This little pine tree pictured on the left is what I just tried my hand at carving. The tree on the left is something I tried using the Arbortech mini carver a few weeks back.

I started with putting the Turbo Carved blade on the grinder to get the shaped blank of wood.

Next was to take out the Arbortech® Power Carver Kit and try out a couple different chisel tips to see what works, and what effect each tip could have.

It would help greatly if I had a proper vise, but since I don’t have that, I make do with what I have.

Not bad for a first attempt I think. I’ll probably try again with greener wood to see what difference it will have.

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