Primitive Angels

angels,primitive crafts,pallet wood
Primitive crafts

With a few simple boards from the wood pile, I made a couple of these primitive craft angels today.

There no stead fast rule on making these. Find a few boards and draw the bodies and the wings, then cut them out. Next was to figure out a way to get the angels to stand on their own. The simple method would be a block of wood in behind but I got to thinking there had to be a more purposeful way to do this. So why not carry through the support block through the front and make it look like feet? Using the scraps from cutting out the body, they seemed to have just the right shape to make them.

angels,primitive crafts,pallet wood
Using the scrap pieces
angels,primitive crafts,pallet wood
Making shoes
angels,primitive crafts,pallet wood
Fitting the shoes
angels,primitive crafts,pallet wood
Fitted shoes

Not too difficult really. Shape the feet and you like, then cut a slot in the body for the feet to fit into. Finally a touch of glue and nail in place.

These ones I made are 18 inches tall. Gina dry brushed the crafts and added the twine for bows. The final step was a halo which was stapled in place on the back of the head. I use baling wire (also called hay wire). Start with a piece to come up from the back, bend it 90º and then make a circle three times, with a final 90º bend and back down to the back of the head. What I then did was pull it apart a bit, then used the final loop to wrap around a couple times of the first two loops, just to keep them somewhat together.

These would also hang on the wall easily too.

angels,primitive crafts,pallet wood,dry brushing paints
angels on display

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