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Turkey Log Bird

turkeys,Thanksgiving,wood carvings
Wood you believe?

I find that when I need to take my mind off of the day to day things, I go into the workshop. However with no power, there’s not a lot I’d like to do with manual tools. I do have my chainsaw, so I set about creating some wood chips.

I needed to create something, anything. I went to the wood pile and seen a short chunk of wood with a 10 diameter. I could of split it up for firewood but there had to be something I could do with it. Thanksgiving had just come and gone, the chunk of wood made me think of a big turkey. This little guy appeared on the stump a short while later.

That turkey was a fun project. I’m going to keep this one but I will be making more to sell. Check our For Sale page to see if I have any for sale. If you don’t see any, contact me.

A Newfoundland born Canadian with a life long interest in woodworking, baking and anything else that peaks my curiosity.

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