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Hurricane Matthew 2016

Hurrican Matthew 2016,trees,damage
Leaves torn from northwest face of tree

We are in the middle of a power outage here, not much to do other than walk around and assess the damage and then clean up. This tree is on the north side of the house. Its easy to see what the strong winds have done.

At the same time, we have to stop and acknowledge the beauty of the fall colours.

fall colors,leaves,forest
beautiful fall colors

forest,trees,Balsam Fir,fall maple leafs
Balsam fir trees and fall colour leaves
fall colors,leaves,forest
yellow leaves of fall 2016

I find that when I need to take my mind off of the day to day things, I go into the workshop. However with no power, there’s not a lot I’d like to do with manual tools. I do have my chainsaw, so I set about creating some wood chips. I needed to create something, anything. I went to the wood pile and seen a short chunk of wood with a 10 diameter. I could of split it up for firewood but there had to be something I could do with it. Thanksgiving had just come and gone, the chuck of wood made me think of a big turkey. A little while guy appeared on the stump.

turkeys,Thanksgiving,wood carvings
Wood you believe?

That turkey was a fun project. I’m going to keep this one but I will be making more to sell. Check our For Sale page to see if I have any for sale. If you don’t see any, contact me.

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