Scrolling around Cape Breton this Sunday

Cape Breton,wood crafts,scroll sawing
Scrollsawn Cape Breton Island

A customer requested a 12×12 cut out of Cape Breton Island. I glued up pallet boards to make a panel.

One thing about pallet boards, you really never know what sort of wood it will be. This wood I have no idea what it is. The pulpwood (between the rings) was really soft while the ring part was quite difficult to cut through. I broke a couple of blades, but got it done.


This Sunday moring, we take a scroll around Cape Breton.

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The inner cut is what the customer wants. The outer portion I will finish up and make into a framed piece and make it for sale.

Cape Breton,wood crafts,scroll sawing
Scrollsawn Cape Breton Is

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