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A beautiful start to October

Loch Katrine, Nova Scota
nice day

Well today is the 1st of October, and what a great day to start the month. We took advantage of the nice Saturday and set about making more reindeer. 

I assembled two folding bench picnic tables for local customers and then we set about assembled the 2 dozen log reindeer that we cut the parts out earlier this week.

log reindeer,Christmas
Army of Log Reindeer

We just about started work on collecting antlers in the woods and it started getting dark, time for supper anyway. While cutting some of the parts I got another idea for a Christmas craft, a trio of reindeer. Super simple to make with some short sticks and a few bits of balsam fir boughs.

woodworking,forest,wood crafts
Bunnies and reindeer trios

If you are taking on the task of making your own reindeer from logs, here is a short video on how to level up the feet using your chainsaw.

Also, while cutting out parts form logs I keep an eye out for interesting grain patterns. This one caught my eye. I titled the picture “Cross Cut”. That is literally what I was doing when this appeared.

Cross cut

And finally we have the Santa Trios. The picture shows them mostly with no noses but that has since been taken care of.

Christmas,Santa Claus,logs,sustainable
Santa Trios

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