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July comes to an end

Common Grackle,birds,animals,wildlife
young Grackle

The end of July typically tells me we are about half way through our summer. Or is that ‘simmer’? It sure has been a hot month here in Nova Scotia, and little rain fall to show for it.

Deer on a morning walk

Finally getting a morning temperature that was below 19ºC upon waking up. I figured I’d go for a walk and retrieve the trail cameras we have set up around the property. I took my camera to see what I could capture along the way. I also heard a few things along the way as well. Besides the ever present birds chirping, there was at one point a very loud crack of a branch and then some rustling of leaves. A deer getting away was my guess. The above picture shows I must of missed it by about an hour as it walked by this location.

seeing the forest through the trees
forest through the trees

This is down near the front of the house as the sun makes its way over the back of the house. The clearing of the trees from this spring has produced this result. Its a good start, still lots of cleanup to do though.

mushrooms,forest floor

The forest, through a dry spell, still manages to blossom food for the critters.

spider webs in the tall grass
spider webs

Pretty much each walk through the woods results in more than one spider web walk through. This one was in the tall grass, in a cluster of other webs, catching the morning rays of sun.

Canada geese
Today’s lesson

Momma or poppa Canada Goose talking the youngster out for a swim. Apparently its not only ducks that get in a row.

bird feeders,Finches,yellow American Finches
Finches and American Finches

The birds are enjoying a morning snack.

glued up wood panel

In the workshop are a couple projects, a couple of glued up panels for some commission pieces. And a collections of scrap plywood discs for another project waiting for glue up. Destined to become candlestick holders.

candlestick holders,plywood,layers
plywoodworking projects
landscape views,forest,north eastern Nova Scotia,Loch Katrine, Canada
South River Lake, Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia

After the walk I visited a neighbour across the lake and took the above photo and the one below which is our little place in this world.

foresty,scenic views,Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia, Canada
Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia, Canada

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