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cherry tomato seedlings

We thought we would try our hand at growing our own food. Last week we started seeds for lavender, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. Its a week now covered under store bought seed trays. We bought two tray of Jiffy brand soil pellets that had to be rehydrated and then we planted bell peppers and lavender. We had a fe bell pepper seeds left so we started on a different type of tray, one where we had to add the soil. So we did that and added the 9 bell peppers and filled up the rest with cherry tomatoes. Then we had a few cherry tomato seeds left so I scrounged a few plastic bottles and made a few makeshift seed cups.

Overnight last night the tomatoes sprouted (above). The seedlings grow very quickly. During the week I had been rotating the trays and on Wednesday I stacked the tomato tray and the lavender tray. The tomatoes were on the bottom.

I don’t know if its the loose topsoil for the tomatoes, or the fact it was under the tray of lavender, or if its just the tomato seedlings sprout faster.

I can’t remember now if I am suppose to take off the lid, once the seeds have sprouted.

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