Recycled bird feeder

recycling,bird feeders,sunflower seeds,re-use
ketchup bottle bird feeder

What do a ketchup bottle, a ice cream container lid and a bit of wire have in common?

A bird feeder! Really easy to do. Unscrew the lid from the bottle. Cut a hole in the lid to snug fit over the bottle opening. Put the bottle cover back on, done!

Now, you may have to trim a little bit off of the edge of the bottle cover to compensate for the thickness of the lid. after that, make some holes that will allow the sunflower seeds to be pulled out by the birds.

I used a small diameter brad bit to start the holes. Reason being, the points on the drill bit will easily make the holes. Then follow up with a larger diameter bit. I used a 3/8 inch drill bit, it seems to be the right size for the seed I have.

One thing I noticed, and something that was a bit of a surprise, was that when drilling into the plastic bottle, I could see where the plastic wall starts to delaminate. Which is interesting because I just assumed it would be solid clear plastic. So there must be something in the manufacturing process where they use layers of plastic.

The last few days, chickadees have been passing through right in this area in groups of 20 or more. Now we wait for the little animals to show up.

recycling,ice cream,bird feeders,sunflower seeds,re-use
ketchup bottle bird feeder

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