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Color Prints Yard Art Decor Self Adhesive Vinyl

In our online store one of our unique product lines are the Color Prints. With our wide format color printer we can printer on several types of media; paper, canvas, clear vellum, vinyl and self adhesive vinyl. The self adhesive vinyl is perfect for yard art projects as the vinyl will not be affected by the weather and the inks are color fast, meaning they will not run. And the inks are UV rated, which means they won’t fade. As with all things, it will fade eventually but you will get many years of seasonal display from the projects. While they cost more that the traditional plans, at about $19.95, they also cost just as much to ship because they have to ship in a tube to prevent wrinkles. But even with the shipping costs coming at the same price at the product itself (and sometimes more), the price to receive the pre-printed projects is a value when compared to all the paints and time required to paint the project by hand. Below is a short vieo of a few sample projects I printed today.

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