Excavator bucket tooth replacement

excavator bucket tooth replacement,removing pins
new pin stuck

A tooth broke on the bucket a while back. Getting the pin out was not that difficult since the tooth was not in the way. Getting the new one back in was a bit of a challenge. The other side was not lining up enough. Now to get it back out and try again. Not as easy as it seems. I spend a couple hours already banging away at it with hammer and steel point.

skidsteer,backhoe,excavator bucket teeth,Horst,MKWelding BH600
steel pin not lining up

That was not working. Best thing to do is stop and give it some thought. I’m not under a deadline for excavator work so I can do that.

The solution I came up with was to dig out my pneumatic palm nailer and using a steel pin (bolt cut off), and tap the tooth pin back out.

machinery,excavator,bucket tooth,replacing,remving
Palm nailer to tap out pin.

I did manage to get the pin out and replaced, along with another pin on another tooth. I made a short video if you are interested. See below.


Footnote to backhoe design, maybe next time install the pins vertical.

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