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damaged fender

Last year I was backing up theĀ truck and had forgotten the trailer was still attached. The result being I jack knifed the trailer and put a sizeable dent in the fender. šŸ™ I went to the dealer for a quote and they wanted to cut off the fender and “glue” on another one. The fee, over $3,000.00


Umm, no, I’m not doing that. So, with any unexpected event such as this, we started putting aside money to pay for future repair work. This September I stopped into the Collision Center on Hwy 7.

autobody work,Highway 7 Collision Center
Highway 7 Collision Center

Within a few minutes he told be the quote based on the number of hours it would take to get the job done. IĀ wasĀ surprised at the reasonable quote, more than half what the dealer quoted. Ā I also read online of many people who were recommending him for his good work, so I booked the appointment.

Today I picked up the truck. A year to the day of the accident. Totally surprised and very happy with the work done. He went over and above what was discussed.

I recommend him for auto body work.

Same fender, work done, and you’d never know something happened.Ā The taillight is still broke of course butĀ I’ve made that my responsibility to do something about that.

auto body work
fender fixed

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