Apple Jelly

Found the recipe in the box of powdered pectin for jams and jellies. Figuring the apple jelly might be an interesting experiment I bought a bottle of Blue Menu Apple Juice at the Atlantic Superstore. I didn’t see all the details of the product but upon closer inspection of the label, it had 60% less sugar and sweetened with Stevia. 😛

As predicted, it doesn’t taste anything near to regular apple juice, so I don’t know how well this little experiment will end up. But I followed the recipe and added 4 cups of juice in a pot and stirred in the whole box of pectin. When it came to a boil I added 4-1/2 cups of sugar. Yes…4.5 cups of sugar! Yikes! That should take care of the sweetness factor.

Added the sugar and brought to a hard boil for one minute. Which can be tricky to do as it may want to boil right out of the pot. So either use a +12 cup pot (3 quarts), or do what I did with the 8 cups pot, and take the pot off the stove element for 5 – 10 seconds when the bubbles get too high and stir it down vigorously. Repeat those steps as necessary until the 1 minute is up. I kept it on the stove another 30 seconds since I was off and on the stove top a few times.

So, all bottled up. Tomorrow we will see how they do.

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Apply jelly

Update the following morning. I let the jars cool down overnight on the counter. Well damn, the jelly didn’t set.  🙁


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