ready to slab some logs, chainsaw is not

Last November I bought a ripping chain for the saw, based on the bar size I had, to use for slabbing some of the smaller spruce and fir. Online retailer Bailey’s recommended one they had and I bought it. Today I went to install the chain and clearly there’s a sizing problem.

Waiting now to see if maybe the chain recommended was the correct one, or if the chain in the box was the wrong one.

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new chain box
chainsawing,ripping,milling lumber
ripping chain mounted on the bar
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chainsaw bar details

Bailey’s got back to me within 15 minutes with a reply saying:

The picture of the bar shows it is a .325 pitch. The chain we sent and recommended was a 3/8 pitch, which is the only type of ripping chain available.  So the chain is a 16” for a different pitch.

To which I then asked:

Ok, so I need to get a new bar then, but why is there such a difference in length? Do I need a longer bar too?

And they replied:

The pitch is determined by measuring the distance between 3 rivets and dividing by two. If the distance is bigger over those three rivets (as is the case with a bigger pitch) the whole chain will be substantially bigger, even though the drive link count number would remain the same.  A new 16” bar would have to take the 60 drive links to fit correctly.  Stihl and Husqvarna have a determinate size for what they would call a 16” inch bar (or any bar really), so when they call a bar a certain size, they measure it based on different factors, which can get confusing.

To which I replied:

I know pretty much that, it can be confusing. Which is why I contacted you folks to begin with. So  what bar do I need to fit my Stihl using that chain?

 They relied with:

This barhead should fit your saw

Actually this barhead might be better:

I replied:

That woodland bar have  different # of drive links compared to your first suggestion, does that matter?

They replied:

It does matter. The correct chain length should be 55. I can send you the correct chain free of charge, and you can keep the one you have if you wish to order that bar so that you have no issues with the chain not fitting the bar.

I replied:

Thanks for that offer. So to be clear, the Oregon bar for the chain I currently have, and the woodlandpro bar for the chain you are offering free of charge. That correct?

They replied:

After sending you the link to the Oregon bar, I realized that the chain you have is low profile, so the correct bar is the Woodland Pro (Unless you want an Oregon bar, in which case, the item is this one: )

 Regardless of which bar you choose, I’m throwing in the chain for free and reducing the shipping charge. If you want an Oregon Bar, we can do that, otherwise we can do the Woodland Pro.  Please let me know which selection, and I can build an order and have our processing department send you a paypal link on Monday to pay for the order, or you can call me directly right now at ext. 228 and I can take payment by credit card.

For me I have to say that I am impressed with their prompt replies for a Saturday evening (my time). Given Baileys are in California and the 4 hr time difference, its nice to see they were working Saturdays to answer online inquiries. Given their offer, it got me thinking I might as well purchase a few more things.

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