Dough Bowl

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dough bowl blank

The missus was spying some of the hand crafted dough bowls on one of those picture gallery web sites today. I asked her if she wanted one and while she didn’t say yes, I assume she did. I’ve never made one… but there’s always a first time. Time to crank up the chainsaw.




In the picture above I started out in the workshop sketching some reference lines, then used the jig saw to cut the handles out. Now its on to rough cutting the shape.

chainsaws,Husqvarna,dough bowls,wood crafts
chainsaw cutting

Cutting with the chainsaw can be dangerous. So always be prepared for the unexpected.

Things happen with power tools

I have a little video uploading of some of the work done, soon as its on my YouTube channel I’ll add it here.

All done!

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wooden dough bowl

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