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Nova Scotian Woods Wreath

short cuts of Nova Scotia Chokecherry and balsam fir,wood crafts
box of wood cuts

My dear wife found a picture of a wood wreath and asked if I could make one. “Sure”, I said.  Truth be told, I’ve never made one before.

There’s  always a first time for everything. 🙂



It starts with a collection of wood slices of varying diameter and thickness like shown in the picture above. A close up of one below shoss the growth rings, about 8-9 years old. So this little tree seeded itself when we moved here. Cool. Also notice what looks like a scar in the growth rings but this is actually how branches stem from the tree. In this cut, I had cut just above where the branch started growing, by what looks like the 2yr maybe. That branch stayed on the tree (didn’t getting eaten or broken off) over the course of the remaining years.

growth rings on a balsam fir
tree slice

Then its time to decide how big it should be. From there, cut out a plywood ring to support the wood cuts.

Next is arrangement time. Position, re-position, re-position some more.

wooden wreaths,Nova Scotia,crafts
positioning the cuts
wooden wreaths,hooby crafts,Nova Scotia,nailer
Assembling the wreath
wooden wreaths,Nova Scotia
coming to completion

Now for some final touches.

Nova Scotian hand made crafts,wooden wreaths
Now the expert finishing touches.

All done!

wooden crafts,Made in Nova Scotia
Made in Nova Scotia wood crafts.


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