A walk in the woods this morning

old birch trees,forestry
big ol birch tree

Went for a walk in the woods this Sunday morning. A while back I spied an evergreen down by the shore whose needles had turned red. So I went to investigate.  Took some pictures along the shore.



lake shoreline,quiet,in the woods,nature,forestry
lake shore
dead wood,cycle of like,forestry
standing dead wood
quite space
forestry,dying trees,rusty
look up, look wayy up…
overlooking South River Lake, Antigonish Co, NS

In the photo above you can just pick our Kings United Church, which still has weekly service since it opened in circa 1849.

lakes,rivers,Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia
South River Lake, Antigonish Co., Nova Scotia
lake,Loch Katrine
early morning at South River lake
old tree root at the shore

Still a massive tree root (above). When we first moved here it was still a circular root shape, every bit of 12-14 ft across. Its since collapsed upon itself, still impressive.

foresty,walking in the woods
One of the easier corridors through the woods.

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