Happy Canada Day

We be chillin’ like fat rabbits in a field of clover on this day 🙂 (picture taken this morning on our front lawn).

fat rabbits,wild animals
fat rabbit

American Goldfinch perched on the support strap of the chimney, catching the morning rays this July 01 2015.

American Goldfinch,bird watching,Nova Scotia
American Goldfinch catchin’ rays
American Goldfinch,bird watching,Nova Scotia,Canada
American Goldfinch

Today I intend to take it easy while still getting some work done. Customer orders will still get processed today from the store. Its either that or have double the work tomorrow. I’d rather spread out the work load. I have a couple customers looking for custom woodworking plans, looking forward to hearing from them as they choose from drawings I sent them earlier. And then its outdoors for another hour or so of tree trimming. Oh, and then there are the mowers that need blade sharpening. Always something to do!

A Newfoundland born Canadian with a life long interest in woodworking, baking and anything else that peaks my curiosity.

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