Snowbound Nova Scotians

I wrote this little diddy after seeing snow pictures my sister posted on Facebook

Sung to the tune “Farewell to Nova Scotia”

Farewell to Sno-va Scotia, the snow bound land
may your cars be parked and ticket free.
For when I am far away on the Cancun coast,
Will you ever heave a finger or a curse to me?

My son was buried in snow to his chest,
and homeowners were cursing on every street.
Mother nature seems gone out west
So still there was no rest for me.
I think to grab my shovel in hand,
I wonder how much I can endure.
And my aging bones that creak and groan,
That plow driver can kiss my ass for sure.
I have the family and they’re the best,
but their arms are folded in protest.
So a poor landlubber such as me,
Will have to endure the snow neck deep.
The tractor drives by and the shouting begins,
The boss he calls, I must come in.
So shovel as I go down the street,
For its only Wednesday morning as I think of spring.
– Jim Barry 2015

A Newfoundland born Canadian with a life long interest in woodworking, baking and anything else that peaks my curiosity.

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