Tabletop Reindeer

woodworking plans, tabletop reindeer
Tabletop Reindeer

Today I cut out a knock-down tabletop size reindeer, it stands 15 inches tall and only requires four board parts to build. The following pictures are the basic steps to create this cut little reindeer, easy to make in about 20 minutes.



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Finished Tabletop Reindeer

The first step is to tape together the two parts of the reindeer body pattern.

woodworking plans,reindeer
Make full size pattern.

Next transfer the body outline to the board using tracing (carbon) paper.

woodworking plans,reindeer
Transfer the pattern.

Align the half pattern to the board and trace.

woodworking plans,projectsreindeer
Align the leg pattern.

Fold along the line to show the half pattern.

woodworking plans,patterns,tabletop reindeer
Leg pattern transfered.

The quickest and easiest way to create the other half of the leg pattern is to hold it up against the window and trace the pattern on the back of the sheet.

woodworking plans,projects,reindeer
Create the other half pattern.

You now have the mirror image of the first half of the pattern.

woodworking,scrollsawing projects,patterns,plans,reindeer
Other half pattern created.

Align the leg in position with the tracing paper and transfer the pattern to the wood.

reindeer woodworking plans,projects,scrollsaw
Align in place.

Your pattern is now complete and ready to cut out.

woodworking plans,scrollsaw patterns,reindeer,small,tabletop
Leg pattern transferred.

Now we have to use the same technique to make the reindeer antler pattern.

woodworking plans,projects,scrollsaw,reindeer,antlers
Antler pattern.
woodworking plans,scrollsaw projects,reindeer
Other half pattern created.
woodworking plans,projects,reindeer
Ready to cut on the scrollsaw.
woodworking projects,scrollsaw plans,reindeer
Use first leg to create second leg pattern.
Reindeer parts cut out.

Use a scrap piece of wood to mark the actual wood thickness of the slots.

Check the width of the parts.
Reindeer complete!


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  • Woodworking Enthusiast

    Wow! the way you portrayed this makes me feel I can do it in my first try lol.

    I’ve bookmarked this page.. would be following your plans to the T and see where I end up. Thanks for the blueprint.

    Looking forward to more great plans.


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