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Jim Bits cake donuts,homestyle baking
Jim Bits cake donuts

Gina found this recipe online that did not require sour cream, like our previous cake donut recipe test. So we figured we would take a crack at trying it.




The recipe was found at and is shown below:

Jim Bits cake donuts
Jim Bits cake donuts
Jim Bits cake donuts
Jim Bits cake donuts

I followed the recipe just as shown (shocker 🙂 ) to see how it would turn out. Exception: I did not have buttermilk, so I did about 3/4 T of vinegar and topped up to 3/4 cup skim milk. Let it set while I weighed and mixed the shortening/sugar, then added the egg and sifted the other dry ingredients. While mixing the dough I heated up the oil. The thermometer I use is similar to this one.  I initially scooped out a little more than a level scoop of a #24 ice cream scoop . I put six in the hot oil (about 360F) and fried for 2 min, flipped them over and fried for 2 min. We rolled them in cinnamon sugar. Testing them, they were overcooked in our opinion. So the next batch of 6 we fried for 1:45 min. At this time the oil was fluctuating between 370 and 340F. The second batch was still overcooked for us. So we changed strategy and made the scoops of batter smaller. This time a level scoop, fried at 325-350F for 1:30 min. These remaining bits turned out a little better.

Its not a soft cake donut, the crust is still fairly thick (3/16″ or so) and the center has a somewhat dense crumb texture. It could also do with more spice. The age of the oil is a contributing factor when deep frying. The canola oil I used was only used once previously and for cake donuts as well. So it should be ok.

The balls expand quite a bit in the hot oil. The picture below shown the scoop that held the raw batter, and the resulting cake donut bit.

Next time I’m going to make a submerging screen for the pot. The screen will submerge fry the bits. This will allow the bit to cook all over at the same time, thus reducing the time in the frying. This will cut down on the oil absorption, and make for a lighter donut bit.

Jim Bits cake donuts,baking
Jim Bits cake donuts

Feb 08 2015 – I made a quadruple batch , calling them ‘Storm Bits‘ for the upcoming snow storm. And have fine tuned the temp and time to about 340ºF for 2 min 30 sec. I made up a small screen to weigh down the bits so that they are completely submerged while frying. After I drop in 8 balls of dough I let them fry for near 30 sec them give them a bit of a shake and put the screen on them to submerge. I let the time go for 1 minute, lift the screen and move them a small bit, drop the screen back on them and let it continue frying. All total, 2 min 30 sec. IF your oil gets a bit low you might find some spots on the bits remain near white color, that means the batter isn’t quite cooked in that spot. So keep an eye on the oil level. Surprisingly though, they do not absorb a lot of oil. For a quadruple batch (120 bits) I made the total oil I added might have been 3/4 cup.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below.

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