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Making some headway but wow, some parts of the ground is like cement

Land clearing with a CAT 257B2
Stumps are easy pickings

I figured the stumps would be the difficult part. Come to find out, not really.





That’s about 70 ft back behind the garage. Its taken me about 28 hrs to get to this point. I’m in the  toughest spot so far.

Land clearing with a CAT 257B2
A matter of scale

There’s a BIG rock buried here and sticking up just far enough that it has to come out. If it can come out.  To the right and left you can just see, covered in brown dirt, there are darker grey spots. This I can only compare it to dry, packed cement that didn’t get enough water when it was mixed. While it does crumble, not without great effort.

Land clearing with a CAT 257B2
Hard as cement

The soil here is a mixed bag of dirt (dark brown), gravel (grey) and a mixture of all sorts of different rocks. most got sent to the dump area (below) but I kept a few, those that seemed interesting. You can see a larger one in the photo below (to the lower right corner).

Land clearing with a CAT 257B2
A new road to dump ground

So at this point its about 70ft to the garage (which is 20ft wide). Our initial clearing will be about 60 x70ft and we’ll see where that leaves us for being able to drive around the garage with a small trailer. I don’t think there’s enough width but we’ll see.

Land clearing with a CAT 257B2
Land clearing with a CAT 257B2

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